Success Stories

Corporate Dynamics Solutions are Proven Processes that Produce Measurable Results and Real Success Stories

Here is a sampling of several case studies illustrating the quantifiable successes our customers have accomplished as a result of partnering with us.


Motorola Land Mobile Products




Dealer Training / Channel Development

Business Challenge

In the early 90’s, Motorola 2-Way was searching for a way to help their 2-Way Dealer Channel to grow. The channel was comprised of approximately 1,000 dealers nationwide. Dealers were set up to service and sell Motorola 2-Way Radio Systems.

Technology was changing so that the Dealers could no longer rely solely on the revenue made from being strictly a service shop. Dealers now had to also sell Motorola 2-Way products as well as service them to make ends meet. Many of the dealers were having difficulty making the transition to the point where it was make or break for them.