Success Stories

Corporate Dynamics Solutions are Proven Processes that Produce Measurable Results and Real Success Stories

Here is a sampling of several case studies illustrating the quantifiable successes our customers have accomplished as a result of partnering with us.


First Cellular of Southern Illinois

What would you do if you were meeting your numbers and your president told you he wanted a 20% increase in sales?

Article submission to the Journal of Management Advisors

Every day, so called “consultants” waltz into businesses like yours with promises to solve sales productivity problems, and boost sales and profitability.

You gaze back skeptically, thinking: “What makes this guy think he can impact my bottom line? He doesn’t even know anything about our business?”

Then just before you tell him you’re not interested, he offers to do his analysis, roll out the process and train your personnel for FREE. The catch? When sales and profitability improve, his company gets a percentage of the increase.

CDK Global (formerly ADP Dealer Services)


Information Management Services For Automobile Dealers


ADP Support Network-Virtual Call Center

Business Challenge

ADP had 13 regional customer service centers providing phone support to customers. Each center operated differently and service delivery was inconsistent with no standards across the national network. There was no centralized database or centralized phone system to support these centers. ADP’s major business objective was to create a world-class service organization within its operations and its people. This would be demonstrated by the high standard of service excellence that was delivered throughout the organization.