Five Productivity Hacks for Customer Service Team

Productivity Hacks for your Customer Service Team

By Jessica Gust

November 1, 2016 - Listen up all fast growing businesses: this is key to managing growth properly!

Customer handling is paramount for a business if you want to provide a professional quality of service and remove the complexity of your industry for the consumer.

An effective, end-to-end customer service strategy will include engagement at all stages: pre purchase and customer onboarding, billing, technological support and post purchase care. If your company is expanding, then this will stretch your resources (not least your customer service team). A recruitment drive may not be within your budget. So the best move is to boost the productivity of your existing customer service team. Here are few strategies you can implement to go about doing it.

Making Your Customers’ Experience More 'Phygital'

Creating a Phygital Customer Experience

By Zoe Anderson

October 17, 2016 - I have a fun new word for your retail business vocabulary: phygital. This trendy new semantic composite of 'physical' and 'digital' is popping up everywhere these days. It refers to the multichannel/omnichannel customer experience that many of your followers have come to appreciate for efficiency and personable qualities. It essentially references all channels (from in-person to online chat to mobile apps) working simultaneously to educate and inform the consumer process. The result is a phygital web of seamless and streamlined communications (and subsequent brand relationship building methods) that can lead to greater consumer and company satisfaction.

Here are some ways (with a couple real-world examples) for you to create a more phygital retail customer experience.