How to Build a Customer Service Team from Scratch

How To Build A Customer Service Team from Scratch

By Tess Pajaron

June 20, 2016 - Finding the right employees takes a lot of time, money, and resources. It may be worth dabbling with different configurations and employee styles in other areas of your business, but customer service has to be perfect from the get-go. These are the people responsible for helping your business grow and assuring that your customers become repeat customers. The trick is to build the right team the first time around and add to that team as you continue to expand.

Customer Service and The Internet of Things

Customer Service and The Internet of Things

By Nathan Rockershousen

June 7, 2016 - The customer service space is constantly searching for more proactive methods to better understand and respond to target markets. Utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT - connected devices) can seriously improve customer relationship management (CRM) and facilitate a truly advanced system of customer engagement. It is important to tap into the power of IoT as a means of striving for improved customer service.