Making Your Customers’ Experience More 'Phygital'

Creating a Phygital Customer Experience

By Zoe Anderson

October 17, 2016 - I have a fun new word for your retail business vocabulary: phygital. This trendy new semantic composite of 'physical' and 'digital' is popping up everywhere these days. It refers to the multichannel/omnichannel customer experience that many of your followers have come to appreciate for efficiency and personable qualities. It essentially references all channels (from in-person to online chat to mobile apps) working simultaneously to educate and inform the consumer process. The result is a phygital web of seamless and streamlined communications (and subsequent brand relationship building methods) that can lead to greater consumer and company satisfaction.

Here are some ways (with a couple real-world examples) for you to create a more phygital retail customer experience.

Going The Extra Mile: Three Reasons Breaking The Mold Will Benefit Your Customer Satisfaction

Breaking The Mold Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

By Sophia Mest

October 10, 2016 - When you have happy customers, everyone wins.

Customer satisfaction is crucial to success for any business. Companies that maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction not only benefit from the respected word-of-mouth marketing that clients generate, but they also keep a favorable reputation in the broader public eye. That can strongly influence a consumer base that increasingly values personal, honest and authentic interactions. Here are three reasons you should aim to take these interactions to the next level (plus some outside-the-box ideas to draw inspiration).