Visual Customer Service Sets You Apart From The Competition

Visual Customer Service Sets You Apart From The Competition

This blog entry was originally featured on August 27, 2015 via our partners at Glance Networks.

By Michael Janowski

I have a thought-provoking question for you. I’ll ask, and before you read on, I want you to take about ten seconds to really think it over. Here’s my question:

What really makes your customer service one-of-a-kind?

What’d you come up with? Is it the people? Is it the speed of service? Maybe it’s your dedication to solving the customers’ issue(s). Whatever it was, chances are it’s something your competition has/does too.

Obviously they don’t have the exact same people. But for every particular individual on your team with a distinct skill set, they have someone on their team with something comparably unique.

You’re fast? So are they.

Dedication? That’s pretty subjective.

You and your competition can go back and forth all day trading barbs on the nuances that characterize your organization. The fact of the matter is that so long as you’re both in the same industry, you’re both operating within the same status quo. That is, of course, unless challenging the status quo is something you value (perhaps something else to ponder).