Glance Networks

Glance NetworksGlance Networks is your premier visual engagement company.

Glance has always focused on delivering straightforward, reliable, effective solutions that enable companies to see, show, and share what they need - online. Today, more than 3,000 organizations depend on us to bring a personalized experience to customer service, sales, and customer support.

We work hard to put our customers first, so you can do the same. For companies in industries like healthcare, financial services, technology/SaaS, retail, and travel and leisure, we deliver a remarkable, compelling and profitable customer experience. Many of our customers also leverage our strategic partner integrations with, SAP, LiveOps, and Zendesk.

Some fun facts about Glance Networks:

  • Glance reported 57% growth from 2014, with similar expectations projected for 2015
  • We have submitted a total of 20 patents to date
  • We currently hold six approved patents which are being applied in different areas of the Glance product offering
  • With around 130 reviews on the AppExchange, Glance Networks rates 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • We are based in Arlington, MA, right outside of Boston
  • Our team includes industry leaders in online collaboration, video technology, contact center operations, sales applications, marketing leadership, and customer service