Consulting Services

CDI has a wide breadth of experience in a variety of industries including healthcare, financials, retail, and (primarily) the wireless industry. CDI has extensive experience helping thousands of wireless agents/dealers run their businesses more profitably. We act as value added resource to carriers, manufacturers and dealers. Our focus is on developing professional business training for dealers which enables them to grow profitably.

Our efforts support the dealer’s business development efforts in five key areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business management
  • Financial management
  • Sales and service
  • Dealer capacity to profitably sell more products / services

As a result, a dealer can experience:

  • A measurable increase in sales proficiencies
  • A boost in sales margins
  • The value of leveraging their customer base
  • A higher success rate of recruiting and retaining top performing salespeople
  • An improvement in customer satisfaction ratings

In addition, we are help Indirect Account Managers build stronger consultative / partnership skills, so that they are seen as a viable resource by the dealer.

As a result we are able to establish “win-win” relationship with Carrier & and Dealer by helping Dealers be more successful in running his/her business.

This is accomplished a variety of programs including:

  • The Making Money in Wireless Initiative
    • The Wireless Dealer Cash Flow Conference
    • The Wireless Business Planning Summit
    • Selling Value In Wireless
    • Top Dealer

Our expertise and clients' successes have been featured in several major publications and broadcasts including: Inc. Magazine® and CNN.