Top Dealer Initiative


Top Dealer Initiative is a 12-month consultative initiative that involves the wireless business owner, his/her entire staff and Corporate Dynamics Inc. in the creation of the Dealer’s Business Plan and the execution of strategies to achieve that plan.  Corporate Dynamics Inc. has found that the most limiting factor in a dealer’s ability to grow and grow profitably is their ability to identify and execute upon the key strategies impacting their P&L.  The goal of Top Dealer is to provide consultative expertise and personalized assistance implementing strategies that will produce measurable gains in: activations, accessories and services resulting in improved profitability for the dealer.

Program Goals

  • Strengthen the overall position of the business
  • Increase sales
  • Increase profit per transaction
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve processes and procedures
  • Produce a measurable increase in profit
  • Grow the net worth of the company

What’s at Stake?

At risk, are hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenues when dealers lose their focus.  Have you been faced with day-to-day crises, managing the operations, facing a changing market, reduced margins and just plain difficulty making your business reach its true potential?  Many dealers find that they spend more time working the business than actually managing the business from a strategic perspective.  Let Corporate Dynamics Inc. provide expertise and resources that keep the focus on execution vs. operation?  Many dealers report that this type of consultative, ongoing support and focus help minimize lost opportunity costs, reduce expenses, capture lost revenue streams and maximize sales of products and services.

Top Dealer helps dealers to secure, grow and leverage their existing customer base and operate more efficiently.  Each initiative is tailored to the specific needs and priorities of the dealer based on their issues and objectives.  Results are measured on a monthly basis.

Specific components of the Top Dealer program include any/all of the following activities:

  • On-site Strategy Session to build/enhance a dealer’s business plan
  • Implementation of Sales and Customer Service process improvements
  • Implementation of Sales/Store management and coaching processesImplementation of FastStart Sales Orientation Program
  • Prepared Manager Sales Meeting GuidesOn-site, face-to-face training sessions for sales and/or customer serviceCustomer Satisfaction phone surveys

Monthly tele-coaching sessions that target:

  • Critical issues facing the company and implementation of company strategy
  • Sales and customer service process improvement

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