Business Management

Call Us for your Business Management Training and Coaching SolutionsThere are many facets to successfully running a business whether it is as an entrepreneur or as a manager running a business unit of a large corporation. We understand that profitability is the primary driver of any business and the key to success for all involved. As your partner, Corporate Dynamics Inc. will help you to take a critical look at your business and identify the gaps and obstacles that are limiting your rise in profitability. Listed below are 4 workshops whose end-result is a business plan to take your company to the next level. Each of these workshops is available as on-site engagements.

The first step in any engagement with Corporate Dynamics Inc. is to meet with the senior management team to determine what the organization's current positions (Point A) and desired position (Point B) in the market place along with their goals and objectives. What is working and what isn't working will also be examined.


Wireless Dealers Profit Summit

The $100K Profit Plan:  How to Boost Store Profits by up to $100K per Store


  • Keynote for Regional Dealer Meetings
  • Full-Day Seminar for Regional Dealer Events


  • Owners / Principals (1 location to 301 locations)
  • Senior Managers at Larger Dealers
  • Store Managers (strongly suggested that Owners attend with their Store Managers)


If you’re like many business owners, you’re looking for ways to drive sales and profits.  The Dealer Profitability Summit provides owners and managers with a positive message about the market potential & income gains that can be realized by implementing proven strategies and increasing attachment rates of complementary products and services.  Attendees will hear specific “how-to’s” and learn the “Formula For Success” from the wireless industry’s leading business consultant, Mark Landiak.