Customer Service

We have a proven track record in helping organizations improve their service effectiveness through an integrated approach that includes the following services:

  • Conducting a thorough Needs Analysis
  • Consulting services to review customer service processes, management involvement and employee performance.
  • Establishing standards to ensure consistent customer focus and outstanding service delivery.
  • Training / Sales Training Program for managers and front-line service providers.
  • Structured tools and job aids to help in service interactions
  • Reinforcement and follow-up to sustain and grow a proactive customer service culture
  • Measurement and evaluation Corporate Dynamics Inc. serves as a culture-change consultant. We help our customers’ transition from an operational focus to a customer focus with our customer service selling program.

What sets Corporate Dynamics Inc. apart from other consulting and training organizations is our philosophy of:

  • Partnering with our customers
  • Customizing products and services to our client’s specific environment
  • Aligning human performance to organizational goals
  • Employing a process versus program approach to training.

Through our proven approach using our specialized sales training program we have worked with hundreds of organizations in a variety of industries leveraging customer service to improve business results and build customer-focused service cultures.

Customer Service Isn't A Department... It's YOU!

This interactive one-day session is designed for all employees who interface with customers (internal and external). It focuses on the attitudes and behaviors required to deliver outstanding service and WOW customers. Participants learn how to deliver the kind of customer service that helps their company gain a competitive edge, retain customers, and build customer loyalty.    

Beat Your Best!™

Beat Your Best is Corporate Dynamics' Revolutionary Sales Coaching and Customer Service Management Process

Take your Company to a Whole New Level of Success!
Beat Your Best™...A Proven Process for Coaching Customer Service Reps to Better Performance
CDI has developed a proven process for increasing service proficiency at all levels: service rep, service team, business unit and company-wide. 

The Beat Your Best™ Process is about proficiency, performance and payoffs. BYB™ uses a proven approach for driving both individual and team performance in the key business areas that drive profitability. It is CDI's proprietary method of measuring, monitoring and motivating performance improvement.

Use Beat Your Best!to:

  • Maximize customer service performance over time
  • Achieve or exceed customer service goals
  • Out-perform your best past performance at both the individual and organizational level
  • Improve team morale and “esprit de corps”

Coaching for Improved Performance

This session provides customer service managers and supervisors with the tools and resources to manage service teams – in both B2B and B2C environments. It builds upon the Beat Your Best!™ process with new content focusing on the coaching skills required to get improved customer service results. Managers learn how to improve service activities and coach their people to change their behavior and achieve better performance. The session introduces a practical coaching model that helps managers improve their coaching skills and how they develop their customer service reps to provide a higher level of service.