Keynote Addresses

Corporate Dynamics Inc. has facilitated hundreds of keynote and workshop presentations. Each session is customized to fit with your theme and objectives and tailored to the topics that will capture the interest of your audience. We guarantee that each participant will walk away inspired to take action on a list of relevant strategies and tactics which can have an immediate impact on increasing sales and profitability.

Here is a sampling of topics previously addressed:

Sales & Marketing Topics

  • Beat Your Best ™: Coaching Sales People for Maximum Results
  • Securing & Growing Existing Accounts
  • Selling Value vs. Price (Differentiating your Products and Commanding Higher Margins)
  • Value Selling Principles for Maintaining Your Competitive Edge
  • Becoming a Business Consultant to your Dealer/Distributor

Wireless Specific

  • Beat Your Best ™ : Coaching Sales People for Maximum Results
  • Make Big Bucks selling to Small Business
  • Making Money In Wireless
  • Proven Techniques for Selling Advanced Services
  • Selling Wireless Solutions: How to Beat Your Competition Without Beating Down Your Margins!
  • Becoming a Business Consultant to your Dealer/Distributor

Customer Service Topics

  • 21 Ways To Secure and Grow Your Customer Base
  • Customer Service... It's A Contact Sport™ 
  • Customer Service Isn't A Department... It's YOU! 
  • Customer Service Excellence... It's A Leadership Issue ™ 
  • Customer Service... The Heart of Your Company's Success 
  • The Financial Impact of Customer Service