Product Launches

Transitioning & Translating the New Product Message to the Sales Team

With the launch of any new product, it is important to for you for your sales team to be confident in selling this new value proposition. With a confident sales team, you are able to increase customer awareness and sales volume.

Launch Your Next Product & Make More SalesOften the product information that is passed on to the sales team is not easily translated into a message that describes the customer solution the product provides. This can slow down the acceptance by the sales team, which results in slower sales and market acceptance.

 Partnering with CDI during a product launch will help your organization in:

  • Transitioning & Translating the Product Message to the Sales Team
  • Translating Product Features into Customer Solutions
  • Selling the Product Through the Organization
  • Delivering Faster Education & Mobilization of the Sales Force
  • Rapidly Penetrating Target Vertical Markets

We can provide you with the expertise to:

  • Develop effective processes to prepare your sales/distribution channels to confidently sell new products
  • Reinforce the consultative sale process
  • Gain quicker acceptance and higher revenues in the marketplace

With CDI’s Product Launch Programs and Total Solutions Provider approach, we can help your organization:

  • Transition and translate your product message to the sales, service and support teams
  • Translate product features into customer solutions
  • Pull products through the organization – from product development to the sales and service teams
  • Provide faster education and mobilization of your sales force
  • Get faster penetration into your key target vertical markets

As a result of working with CDI, a company in the automotive services industry increased their transactions by 19%, revenue by 14%, and sales by 49%. All of which represented the biggest growth increase in the company’s history!

Let us help you win more business, increase sales and revenues, and grow your company’s profitability. Give us a call at 630-267-9800 to learn more!