Sales Coaching & Management

The Corporate Dynamics approach to Sales Management has its foundation in building the proficiency of front-line managers to coach people to higher levels of performance. Of course, there are a lot of companies that say they can do that. So how are we different and what sets CDI apart?

At Corporate Dynamics, we don’t see training as the cure-all for all sales performance issues, but rather as one essential piece of the process.

Beat Your Best!™

Beat Your Best is Corporate Dynamics' Revolutionary Sales Coaching and Customer Service Management Process

Beat Your Best™ (BYB™) is the wireless industry’s #1 Coaching and Performance Management Process. Managers learn a proven process for coaching sales personnel to improved performance with role play and simulation exercises for:

  • Conducting Effective 1-on-1 Meetings
  • Forecasting Sales Results
  • Creating Mutual Action Plans (MAPs™) for driving improvements in performance
  • Coaching Underperformers and Top Producers
  • Leveraging the online dashboard as a tool that supports and reinforces the BYB™ System

Studies show that traditional sales quotas are intensely problematic to personal and organizational growth.

BYB™ is the antithesis to a quota system. It provides templates and tools that managers can use to help their sales teams set meaningful objectives, overcome barriers to performance and reach their top potential without compromise.

The Retail Store Manager Development Program

2017 Store Manager Development Program

In the retail industry, it is the norm for front-line personnel with little or no retail management experience to be promoted in to Store Manager or Department Manager positions. 

Studies show that the quality of the store/department manager is one of the most important factors in determining the ongoing success of a retail location.

FACT: Highly-trained Retail Managers will far outperform untrained managers in any size store at any location. Coaching front-line staff to provide a superior customer experience, retain customers, and maximize the income opportunity of every customer interaction is critical for driving increases in sales and profitability.