The Corporate Dynamics approach to Sales Management has its foundation in building the proficiency of front-line managers to coach people to higher levels of performance. Of course, there are a lot of companies that say they can do that. So how are we different and what sets CDI apart?

At Corporate Dynamics, we don’t see training as the cure-all for all sales performance issues, but rather as one essential piece of the process.

We consult with our clients to evaluate multiple areas that impact sales performance. We examine your current recruiting and onboarding programs to bring on higher caliber employees, raise year-1 performance and lower 1st year turnover. We look at your management process and the situations and interactions that occur at the front line to help managers navigate their daily coaching conversations. We equip your managers with effective tools and job aids tailored to your environment and that support the process, and we properly train personnel on how to use the processes, tools and strategies to grow sales.

Our training provides management with the tools necessary to create top sales performers. We are experts in best practice for sourcing, recruiting, hiring, and retention strategy in sales, customer service and call center environments. Whether your company has direct, inside or retail sales personnel, Corporate Dynamics offers several custom training programs and processes.

The cornerstone of the CDI portfolio is Beat Your Best™. The Beat Your Best™ process shatters they way sales manages have managed in the past. It takes a fresh approach to sales proficiency and excellence by setting goals and objectives that have a direct correlation to profitability while setting goals based on actual past sales performance versus arbitrary quotas.

Beat Your Best™ will not only increase sales proficiency for your sales team, but will also increase your Sales Manager's ability to coach - getting the best out of each member of the team, not just the Top Performers.

CDI Sales Management Solutions are practical and produce measurable results. Call or email us today to schedule your initial consultation.