The Retail Store Manager Development Program

Store Manager Development Program

In the retail industry, it is the norm for front-line personnel with little or no retail management experience to be promoted in to Store Manager or Department Manager positions. 

Studies show that the quality of the store/department manager is one of the most important factors in determining the ongoing success of a retail location.

FACT: Highly-trained Retail Managers will far outperform untrained managers in any size store at any location. Coaching front-line staff to provide a superior customer experience, retain customers, and maximize the income opportunity of every customer interaction is critical for driving increases in sales and profitability.

This program provides options to improve the competence of front-line managers, including:

  • Online Options
    • Webinars
    • White Papers and Thought Leadership from Retail Industry SME's
    • Social Media Content
    • Web-Training Sessions
  • Onsite Options
    • Training Sessions
    • Profit Seminars
    • Manager & Sales Associate Training
    • Role Play Exercises
    • Key Daily Takeaways

The Store Manager Development Program introduces:

  • New Success Strategies
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Tools & Training

Already have a manager development program in place? No problem: the Store Manager Development Program is modular, and you can take/use individual modules to strengthen existing programs and fill in gaps. We will even tailor the material to be compatible with your company culture & themes.

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