Sales Coaching & Management

SP3 - The New Formula for Increasing Store Sales & Profitability

SP3 - The New Formula for Increasing  Store Sales & Profitability

A workshop for increasing the proficiency of today’s Store Leaders!

The Issue

The wireless landscape is changing. Fierce competition, increased complexity, higher costs and pressure on commissions mean that Store Leaders need to take their leadership, management and coaching skills to the "next level."

Introducing SP3 - The New Formula for Increasing Store Sales & Profitability Workshop

The focus of this session will be to apply the Structure > People > Process > Profit model that drives MAP-ing conversations at the top level of the organization directly to front-line store management.

SP3 will provide Store Leaders with specific steps, guidance and best practices for creating operational excellence and increasing store sales and profitability.

SP3 is an important component in the development of every Store Leader regardless of tenure or success level. 

Recruiting & Retaining Top Performers

Putting the right people in the right place at the right time is essential to build and maintain a successful wireless organization. With competent and motivated sales reps hard to find and harder to keep, this session provides managers with a proven process to locate, attract, hire and retain top talent.

The process includes a five-step model on how to find and field a top performing sales team by:

  • Developing hiring criteria:  Characteristics, traits and success factors
  • Sourcing for open sales jobs– Identifying best places to find candidates
  • Interviewing and selection – Questions to ask; What to look for
  • Establishing a retention strategy to minimize attrition
  • Taking accountability for retaining employees


Once you have the right people in place, now you have to get them up to speed quickly.  FASTStart™ New Hire Orientation Program is designed to train New Hires and get them up to speed quickly, so that they can begin to generate revenue for your company and themselves.  It is designed to streamline the time a manager has to conduct on-the-job training and emphasizes activity by the New Hire. 

The FASTStart™ program includes a discovery method of training in which the New Hire learns about the:

  • Wireless industry
  • Sales representative’s role and responsibilities
  • Products and services offered by the company

The FASTStart™ is a self-paced learning tool.  The Manager Guide and New Hire Workbook which guide the learner through a series of activities.  Each lesson features specific outcomes designed to increase the New Hire’s knowledge and skills about wireless, selling wireless, and your company.  When they are expected to find the information on their own, discovery learning enables the New Hire to more readily recall important information and concepts. The manager meets with the new hire at prescribed checkpoints during the training to ensure the new hire grasps the concepts and can demonstrate the skills required for success.  Managers use a checklist to evaluate the New Hire’s progress at each checkpoint to measure progress.