Sales Coaching & Management

Building A Direct Sales Force

Building a Direct Sales Force is an intensive one-day workshop session that focuses specifically on what it takes to build and grow a direct sales force to take advantage of business-to-business opportunities.

The session provides companies an opportunity to build an effective Business-to-Business sales plan by examining their current business, reviewing the value of their customers, and exploring the revenue potential of building a direct sales force. 

Coaching for Improved Performance

This session provides sales managers with the tools and resources to manage sales teams – in both retail and B2B. It builds upon the Beat Your Best!™ process with new content focusing on the coaching skills required to get improved sales results. Managers learn how to improve sales activities and coach their people to change their behavior and achieve better performance. The session introduces a practical coaching model that helps managers improve their coaching skills and how they develop their sales reps to sell more.

Conducting Effective Sales Meetings

One of the most important tools for a sales manager is the regularly scheduled sales meeting. It is the most appropriate forum to build a sales team, motivate higher achievement, recognize top performers, and continue the training and coaching process.  Managers need to learn how to plan and direct a successful sales meeting so that it is a productive event, not a waste of time.

In this session they learn how to leverage the team meeting dynamic to get things done, review sales opportunities, and work on building a long-term positive sales culture for their organization.