Sales Training

Contact Us for Sales Coaching Management Training and Coaching SolutionsPositioning your organization as a value provider versus a commodity broker is critical. We will help you define, implement and reinforce an effective and efficient sales process.

Part of the equation may come in the form of skills-based training. We offer a comprehensive sales training curriculum, tailored to each facet of your business. We focus on providing your sales force with the skills necessary to differentiate themselves from the competition by using a value model.

Our curriculum is designed to develop processes, improve procedures and build skill based learning vehicles, which will have an immediate impact on sales and profits. Our training focuses on providing your employees with the necessary skills to differentiate your organization from the competition.

All of our courseware is tailored to reflect the realities of your organization. We will work with you in setting concrete objectives and share in the responsibility for achieving them.

We use a broad range of techniques to assess your sales performance requirements and develop a curriculum around those requirements. Each training module has the built-in ability to calculate its R.O.I.

Here is a sampling of the available curriculum:


FASTStart™ New Hire Orientation Kit (Retail)

Did you know. . . .

  • It costs the average wireless agent between $6k - $10k to hire and train a new retail sales rep to perform at an average level?
  • The average wireless store faces up to $5k per week in lost revenue while trying to get a new rep up to speed?
  • The average tenure of a wireless retail sales rep is less than one year?
  • The average annual employee turnover rate in the industry is over 70%?

So, despite all the time and money you invest in finding, motivating and retaining new reps; high turnover means that your profits are going out the door... or never coming in! You can continue to apply the same approach to ramp up new employees and hope for the best, OR you can give your new employees a FastSTART!

Power Prospecting (B2B)

This one-day instructor-led workshop is designed to help sales reps fill their funnel through proven prospecting techniques. Participants learn how to develop new business by targeting qualified prospects, leveraging existing customers, and prioritizing leads based on defined and measurable qualification criteria.

Participants Learn:

  • 20 proven ways to generate leads, network more effectively, and build referral business
  • How to use the telephone to set up more initial appointments
  • Techniques to get through the gatekeeper
  • The best words to use to get attention
  • How to leave compelling voice mail messages
  • What to say to overcome typical early objections
  • How to verbalize a value proposition early in the call

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Power Prospecting (Retail)

This one-day instructor-led workshop focuses on key strategies and tactics a retail wireless business can use to generate leads and increase store traffic with more qualified prospects. Both sales and customer service reps learn how to be proactive, prospect effectively, and turn service situations into sales opportunities. 
Participants Learn:

•    The ten top retail prospecting methodologies for building store traffic
•    How to set up an interval sales and marketing program to grow sales from existing customers
•    Prospecting techniques to increase outbound calling efforts
•    Tactics for expanding relationships with customers
•    How to produce a steady stream of referrals
•    How to turn service requests into sales opportunities
•    Networking techniques to expand relationships and generate new leads
•    How to turn downtime into productive selling time
•    How to turn follow through calls into money-making opportunities with customers

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