Selling Add-On Accessories (Retail)

Not recommending add-ons or accessories at the point of sale is like leaving money on the table. Too often sales reps either give accessories away or don’t even suggest an ancillary product or service to accompany each activation.

To overcome that lost revenue opportunity, this one-day session provides reps with proven techniques in suggestive selling and gets them comfortable in asking the questions that lead to add-on sales. Reps learn how selling additional products at the initial sale is actually a service to the customer – and helps increase revenue and build stronger customer loyalty.  Sales reps also learn how to successfully bundle accessories and features at the point of sale – and link them to customer needs.

Participants Learn:

  • What products and accessories can be bundled together
  • How to maximize accessory and add-on revenues in normal customer interactions
  • What questions to ask to qualify customers for additional sales opportunities
  • How to qualify customers for additional sales in revenue items like:
    Batteries Belt clips Cases
    Chargers Cradles Headsets 
    Faceplates Data Cables  
  • How to sell profitable add-on services like data products, insurance, road protection, etc.

Through a series of actual customer scenarios, reps role-play how to uncover add-on and accessory needs, make recommendations for the additional sale, and get customer commitment.

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