Selling Advanced Wireless Applications (Retail)

With the upcoming move into data applications and the enhanced revenue opportunities available through selling more advanced applications, this session focuses on how to identify these applications and close a higher-tiered sale. Building upon previous selling skills, this course adds proven techniques for identifying and selling data and other advanced wireless applications.

Participants Learn:

  • To identify advanced data applications including, but not limited to camera usage, web browsing, email, text messaging, etc.
  • How to recognize the buying profiles of typical data customers
  • How to qualify best prospects for advanced wireless applications
  • Questions to ask to uncover application and usage needs
  • How to link applications to customer need
  • How to make recommendations for the right applications
  • How to demonstrate data applications effectively
  • How to use ROI to justify customer investment
  • Techniques for overcoming objections and closing the sale

Participants engage in a series of mini-role plays throughout the session to simulate true-life customer scenarios and learn how to demonstrate and sell higher-end applications. 

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