Selling Value (B2B)

An intensive one-day instructor-led workshop is focused on how to sell wireless solutions to businesses. The session introduces a structured and repeatable B2B sales process that emphasizes selling value -- not product or price.  Participants learn new techniques for building a consultative business relationship with customers. Session includes extensive application of skills in business simulations and role-plays.

Participants Learn:

  • To address the business outcomes customers want most when buying wireless products and services
  • Identify buyer stakeholders and uncover “what’s at stake”
  • Ask probing questions that highlight positive or negative consequences
  • Articulate business value propositions when recommending solutions
  • How to turn features and benefits into value points
  • The use of ROI and proof sources to support the sales message
  • Typical objections and how to overcome them
  • Proven techniques on how to close the sale
  • How to get business referrals 
  • How to follow through to ensure customer satisfaction and build repeat business

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