Selling Value in Wireless (Retail)


  • Series of progressive instructor-led modules
  • Can be segmented in modules of (6) two hour sessions, two ½ half days or one full day


  • Front-line sales reps


Selling Value covers the fundamentals of how to sell solutions vs. commodities in today’s highly competitive retail environment. Sessions are highly interactive with well-paced exercises and mini-role plays for participants to practice real selling situations with typical customers.

retailThe session focuses on applying a six-step consultative sales process aimed at strengthening the communication and persuasion skills of all retail representatives who interact with customers either on the phone or face-to-face. The course objective is to equip sales people with the knowledge, tools and tactics that will help them close more sales – and at higher profits.

Participants Learn:

  • The steps of an effective retail sales process that hooks customers
  • How to greet customers, build rapport, and create interest
  • Typical customer profiles and their buying preferences
  • What outcomes customers want from your products/services
  • The five best questions to assess customer interest
  • How to ask probing questions to pinpoint needs and priorities
  • How to recommend a solution linked to customer needs
  • Typical retail objections and how to overcome them
  • Proven techniques on how to close the sale and ask for referrals

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