Transitioning To Business Consultant

Designed specifically for indirect channel sales reps and dealer managers, this one-day instructor-led workshop focuses on how to build and strengthen indirect distribution sales at the dealer level. Participants learn how to transition from an operational/service mind-set to a business consultant who partners with dealers to help improve business results.  The session helps reps get a deeper understanding of their dealer’s critical business issues and work with them to grow the dealer’s business and improve sales and profits.   

Participants Learn:

  • How to support indirect channel strategy by partnering with dealers
  • The top 10 characteristics of a high-performing indirect sales rep
  • What keeps dealers up at night
  • How to establish SMART sales objectives with dealers
  • How to identify and prioritize critical dealer business issues
  • The power of effective communication skills
  • Techniques for asking “what’s-at-stake” questions
  • How to conduct meaningful dealer business meetings
  • How to create Mutual Action Plans (MAPS) with dealers
  • Techniques for influencing dealer sales staff
  • How to build effective dealer business plans

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