Sales Training

Contact Us for Sales Coaching Management Training and Coaching SolutionsPositioning your organization as a value provider versus a commodity broker is critical. We will help you define, implement and reinforce an effective and efficient sales process.

Part of the equation may come in the form of skills-based training. We offer a comprehensive sales training curriculum, tailored to each facet of your business. We focus on providing your sales force with the skills necessary to differentiate themselves from the competition by using a value model.

Our curriculum is designed to develop processes, improve procedures and build skill based learning vehicles, which will have an immediate impact on sales and profits. Our training focuses on providing your employees with the necessary skills to differentiate your organization from the competition.

All of our courseware is tailored to reflect the realities of your organization. We will work with you in setting concrete objectives and share in the responsibility for achieving them.

We use a broad range of techniques to assess your sales performance requirements and develop a curriculum around those requirements. Each training module has the built-in ability to calculate its R.O.I.

Here is a sampling of the available curriculum:


Selling Value (B2B)

An intensive one-day instructor-led workshop is focused on how to sell wireless solutions to businesses. The session introduces a structured and repeatable B2B sales process that emphasizes selling value -- not product or price.  Participants learn new techniques for building a consultative business relationship with customers. Session includes extensive application of skills in business simulations and role-plays.

Participants Learn:

  • To address the business outcomes customers want most when buying wireless products and services
  • Identify buyer stakeholders and uncover “what’s at stake”
  • Ask probing questions that highlight positive or negative consequences
  • Articulate business value propositions when recommending solutions
  • How to turn features and benefits into value points
  • The use of ROI and proof sources to support the sales message
  • Typical objections and how to overcome them
  • Proven techniques on how to close the sale
  • How to get business referrals 
  • How to follow through to ensure customer satisfaction and build repeat business

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Selling Value in Wireless (Retail)


  • Series of progressive instructor-led modules
  • Can be segmented in modules of (6) two hour sessions, two ½ half days or one full day


  • Front-line sales reps


Selling Value covers the fundamentals of how to sell solutions vs. commodities in today’s highly competitive retail environment. Sessions are highly interactive with well-paced exercises and mini-role plays for participants to practice real selling situations with typical customers.

Selling Wireless Data & Advanced B2B Applications

This session focuses on the skills and techniques needed to sell data features and advanced data applications to businesses. It includes a review of the most popular data business solutions and how they are used in selected vertical markets (i.e. construction and trades, professional services, government, etc.).

Session includes simulated business-to-business interactions that provide participants with practice in how to prospect, uncover needs and sell data applications to business users.

Participants Learn:

  • How to qualify prospects by uncovering data applications and usage
  • How to link data applications to customer business outcomes
  • How to develop proposals and make recommendations
  • Techniques to use to cost justify and provide ROI
  • Different business stakeholders and their wireless data issues
  • How to overcome objections and close the sale

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