Sales Training

Contact Us for Sales Coaching Management Training and Coaching SolutionsPositioning your organization as a value provider versus a commodity broker is critical. We will help you define, implement and reinforce an effective and efficient sales process.

Part of the equation may come in the form of skills-based training. We offer a comprehensive sales training curriculum, tailored to each facet of your business. We focus on providing your sales force with the skills necessary to differentiate themselves from the competition by using a value model.

Our curriculum is designed to develop processes, improve procedures and build skill based learning vehicles, which will have an immediate impact on sales and profits. Our training focuses on providing your employees with the necessary skills to differentiate your organization from the competition.

All of our courseware is tailored to reflect the realities of your organization. We will work with you in setting concrete objectives and share in the responsibility for achieving them.

We use a broad range of techniques to assess your sales performance requirements and develop a curriculum around those requirements. Each training module has the built-in ability to calculate its R.O.I.

Here is a sampling of the available curriculum:


Telephone Selling

This one-day session focuses on how to use the telephone as a sales tool in a professional, customer-needs-based approach to building leads and selling wireless services.  Designed for both sales and customer service reps, Telephone Selling provides structured telephone selling techniques to generate leads, get referrals, confirm customer satisfaction, open new sales opportunities, and sell more products and services over the telephone.

Your sales staff will learn new approaches to use in connecting with new and existing customers via the telephone to leverage your customer base, create higher customer loyalty, and produce incremental revenue. Reps are taught how to use the phone to drive new business and capture new revenue opportunities in add-ons, upgrades, accessories and other services.  

Transitioning To Business Consultant

Designed specifically for indirect channel sales reps and dealer managers, this one-day instructor-led workshop focuses on how to build and strengthen indirect distribution sales at the dealer level. Participants learn how to transition from an operational/service mind-set to a business consultant who partners with dealers to help improve business results.  The session helps reps get a deeper understanding of their dealer’s critical business issues and work with them to grow the dealer’s business and improve sales and profits.   

Participants Learn:

  • How to support indirect channel strategy by partnering with dealers
  • The top 10 characteristics of a high-performing indirect sales rep
  • What keeps dealers up at night
  • How to establish SMART sales objectives with dealers
  • How to identify and prioritize critical dealer business issues
  • The power of effective communication skills
  • Techniques for asking “what’s-at-stake” questions
  • How to conduct meaningful dealer business meetings
  • How to create Mutual Action Plans (MAPS) with dealers
  • Techniques for influencing dealer sales staff
  • How to build effective dealer business plans

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