Beat Your Best is Corporate Dynamics' Revolutionary Sales Coaching and Customer Service Management Process

Beat Your Best!™ 

The Beat Your Best™ process from Corporate Dynamics Inc. has produced enormous results wherever implemented for sales and customer service teams alike.  

  • Agents have reported increases of $100K+ with the Beat Your Best™ process
  • Store Managers are now coaching more effectively and results indicate improvements in every KPI category for many Agents
Continue the development of your Managers with Beat Your Best™: Coaching for High Performance.

Customer Service Isn’t a Department…It’s You!™

Customer Service Isn't A Department... It's You!™ 

Designed as an easy read for any employee who interacts with customers, Customer Service Isn't a Department... It's You!™ provides a series of practical ideas and techniques that employees can put to work immediately to improve customer satisfaction. 

It focuses on helping each person understand their role in satisfying customers – be they internal or external – and what actions they need to take to improve their work environment and the level of service provided to customers.

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Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days™

Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days™

WiBOC web faculty member Al Lautenslager and best-selling marketing author Jay Conrad Levinson combine their talents in Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days™, a condensed quick-learning guide that compacts Levinson's acclaimed Guerrilla Marketing™ series into a single, potent instructional tool. 

Organized into 30 lessons, complete with summaries and sample activities, Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days™ presents difficult skills, useful tools, and proven strategies explained step-by-step. A gold mine for small businesses that need to market their services on a small budget.

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