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ADP Support Network-Virtual Call Center

Business Challenge

ADP had 13 regional customer service centers providing phone support to customers. Each center operated differently and service delivery was inconsistent with no standards across the national network. There was no centralized database or centralized phone system to support these centers. ADP’s major business objective was to create a world-class service organization within its operations and its people. This would be demonstrated by the high standard of service excellence that was delivered throughout the organization.

Solution Overview

CDI used its Strategic Workout™ process to find out exactly what needed to be done to improve service. This included facilitating a series of management meetings that resulted in a comprehensive strategic plan. The plan addressed all the areas required to improve ADP’s service delivery:

  • communications
  • processes
  • procedures
  • standards
  • training

One of the outputs of the plan was the development of a customized service curriculum and coaching services for line managers that were delivering the training to the field. The goal was to create consistent, customer-focused service standards and ensure all service personnel could treat customers better and service could operate more efficiently.


In a six-month period, ADP successfully changed the way it provided service by moving from regional centers to a virtual call center environment. Service experienced dramatic and positive outcomes that benefited clients. ADP Dealer Services received its highest quality service ratings in 20 years and saw improvements in the following areas:

  • Associate availability increased from 82% to 92%
  • Hold times were reduced to less than 30 seconds for 90% of all incoming calls
  • First call resolution increased to 90%
  • Customer satisfaction scores increased over four consecutive periods
  • Customer retention has increased a full 40% over a two-year period
  • Expenses were substantially reduced