Success Stories





Dealer Training / Channel Development

Business Challenge

In the early 90’s, Motorola 2-Way was searching for a way to help their 2-Way Dealer Channel to grow. The channel was comprised of approximately 1,000 dealers nationwide. Dealers were set up to service and sell Motorola 2-Way Radio Systems.

Technology was changing so that the Dealers could no longer rely solely on the revenue made from being strictly a service shop. Dealers now had to also sell Motorola 2-Way products as well as service them to make ends meet. Many of the dealers were having difficulty making the transition to the point where it was make or break for them.

Solution Overview

For over 25 years, CDI has provided consultative services and support to hundreds of dealers nationally. Working closely with Motorola, CDI developed a suite of Dealer training and consulting services that helps small to medium-sized businesses sell more, improve profitability and grow their business. CDI organized and implemented a series of workshops and consulting services that Motorola offered its dealers to support the channel. Dealer training workshops included:

  • Profit Summit™: Dealers set the foundation for a business plan designed to incorporate strategies that have immediate impact on: profitability, customer satisfaction and employee recruiting and retention
  • Beat Your Best™: Dealers learn to coach individuals and boost team sales proficiency;
  • Selling Value: Salespeople learn how to position and sell the value of the Motorola brand versus selling based on price.


Sales, profits and performance have improved measurably for dealers who have leveraged CDI’s expertise and resources. Dealers across the country have experienced a wide range of positive results. A representative sample includes:

  • A Georgia dealer reported a 60 percent increase in sales within 60 days
  • A dealer in Ohio made over $200,000 by implementing just two ideas from the Profit Summit™
  • Several Florida dealers have experienced double-digit growth within 90 days
  • A multi-state dealer tracked a 15% profit boost (valued at almost $400,000) over a nine-week period
  • A dealer in Michigan will make $150,000 more in revenue by applying what he learned in selling accessories. He also expects to add an additional $200,000 in profits as a result of new recruiting and retention strategies learned in the session
  • A small dealer doubled his year-over-year business as a result of implementing ideas from CDI’s Profit Summit™
  • A dealer is now pushing service contracts to existing customers and picked up 25% more in her first month She expects to generate an additional $60,000-$120,000 in her first year of applying new ideas