[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]By Michael Janowski

May 18, 2015 – Your wireless marketing presence should be the heartbeat of your business. It brings customers to the door who put money in the drawer. We all sell wireless products and services. It’s imperative that your marketing presence differentiates you from the competition.

That said, we in the wireless business can be all too willing to cut back on marketing to cut costs (signage, digital creativity, etc.). But this doesn’t have to be the case. Marketing doesn’t have to be detrimental to your bottom line.

In fact, digital marketing can be one of the most cost-effective means of marketing. The skills, talent, and technologies are (for the most part) readily accessible, low-cost, low-risk, and potentially high-reward if you do it right. Find a place to start a conversation, call your audience to take action, and sell! Here are a few low-cost/no-cost digital marketing ideas that can revamp and reinvigorate your wireless store:

  1. Build/leverage your website and social media accounts. Your wireless store should have its own website. It’s the heartbeat of your digital efforts. Its not only a place to showcase your products and services, but also to showcase your sales team. Making them visible will make them more trustworthy to your customers. A more trustworthy sales team is going to sell more. Furthermore, it’s important to create value through your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Your store does not need to be on every social platform because not every social platform is appropriate. On social, use hashtags to position your store in relevant conversations, drive traffic, and make it easy to follow your campaigns. Remember: every impression is a possible sale!
  2. Incorporate your website URL and social accounts into all marketing materials. It’s important to make every aspect of your wireless store both visible and accessible from any and every point. Even print materials should have this information included. It expands your reach for impressions and (of course) possible customers!
  3. Create a Youtube channel to include product demos and customer video testimonials. The customer wants to know what they’re buying (and from whom they’re buying it). The web and social are both becoming increasingly visual. Thus, consumers are increasingly demanding video and photo content that can inform them of your product/service. Use video to build customer trust and provide another point of sale.
  4. Tie promotions to sales. Create a series of surprise promotions that are announced via social media and on your website to drive traffic during slow times. One example: make a special offer for the next customer to walk into your wireless store and mention an ad. That customer then gets a free accessory. Promotions are highly subject to word-of-mouth and thus, can drive traffic and sales.
  5. Send replenishment reminders on special announcements. Have a special sale coming up? Start a countdown on social media! Send out frequent reminders on the phones you sell to keep the sales channel open and ongoing.
  6. Create an avatar that becomes your store spokesperson. Don’t just be another wireless store under the flag of the franchise. Be the wireless store with the cool mascot!
  7. Create digital partnerships and alliances. Team up with other organizations whose sales goals complement your own. What’s more, they can open the door for more cross marketing opportunities. You and your partners can digitally advertise on each other’s websites.
  8. List your business and be responsive. Your digital presence should be your best customer service representative. This means providing contact information and ensuring that your wireless store is only a click or call away. Create a wireless store listing in the online business directories or Adversites. Make sure they are accurate and complete. Lastly, be sure to respond to all positive and negative reviews in a timely and professional manner. Afterward, share it via social and offer your customer the chance to share their experience through your social as well. It’s a mutual benefit that can help grow your bottom line in a very unique way.