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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]By Mark Landiak

September 24, 2015 – Every great salesperson I’ve ever met has a true passion for selling. The prospect of persuasion fires him or her up like few things ever will. Selling is an exhilarating experience for them, and that’s good. It’s supposed to be!

You know what else great salespeople love? Money! You better believe they love money. To a great salesperson, there is nothing like that sensation of cool, crisp cash hitting their palm (or bank account). Starting up the conversation, assessing a customer’s needs, and solving their problem(s) all come with a unique sense of pride and fulfillment that (to a great salesperson) ultimately culminates in that beautiful paycheck. But great salespeople never settle. There is hardly enough time to celebrate one sale before the focus shifts to the next.

Hopefully, these are attitudes and behaviors that you see regularly throughout your wireless store. But what makes great salespeople gravitate towards wireless sales? Why do they pursue that route? Why did you?

Corporate Dynamics Inc.’s Beat Your Best!™  sales training program espouses the importance of two critical passions in sales (both in wireless and other spaces as well). They are:

  1. Great wireless salespeople have a passion for the product. Wireless salespeople are some of the proudest techies out there. They have an unparalleled collective talent and desire for keeping up on the latest trends in wireless and mobile technology. That kind of knowledge is like a form of capital to them all in its own right. Mobile technology is the what, why, and how for their creating connections, building relationships, and sharing their lived experience. They love to talk about the latest phones, tablets, mobile apps, Bluetooth technologies, device integrations and forthcoming innovations. They love to think about new ways to do media and send a message. Above all, they identify with each other in all these things. It’s a community constructed by the love of the product. Wireless salespeople love what they sell.
  2. Great wireless salespeople have a passion for the process. Wireless salespeople are also some of the most enthusiastic problem-solvers on Earth. I mentioned that they love to send a message. One thing they can’t stand is anyone (especially their own customer) having problems sending a message. Great wireless salespeople believe in greeting a customer the moment they walk in to the store. They believe in asking questions, probing for information, and discovering the customer’s passions. They believe in tailoring a wireless solution to whatever issue the customer may be facing. They believe in complete customer satisfaction. Above all, great wireless salespeople believe in the value of communication (as an opportunity and basic right). Wireless salespeople love the process of selling.

Great wireless salespeople have a passion for the products they sell and the processes they follow in doing so. Those two passions combine to create a sense of fulfillment that drives them forward every day.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]