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A resource designed to significantly increase the profitability of your wireless business

Here’s an overview of the Dealer Success Portal.

The online Dealer Success Portal provides access to:

  • Consultative expertise
  • Results-driven training, strategies and best practices
  • Information on new products and services
  • Interviews with Industry Experts on a wide range of topics

…all designed to dramatically improve operational efficiency, sales, profit and personal income for owners and their staff.

Areas of Focus

  • Store Manager Development Program: Provides guidance and training for running a more profitable wireless retail location
  • Sales & Marketing: Ideas for creating profitable growth in today’s challenging business climate
  • Customer Retention: Specific strategies for securing and growing your customer base
  • Operations: Ideas for reducing costs and increasing efficiency
  • Staffing “How to’s” for hiring and retaining the best people, and growing/developing staff

Provide Owners/Store Mgrs with Training and Strategies for:

  • Increasing New Activations
  • Maximizing Profit Per Customer Interaction
  • Improving Accessory Sales
  • Maximizing sales of Higher-end Handsets and Rate Plans
  • Increasing Replenishment Income
  • Improving Traffic and Sales with Low Cost/No Cost Marketing Ideas

Secure & Grow Your Customer Base with special programs including:

  • Follow-through Programs and Strategies for Decreasing Customer Attrition and Keeping more Customers
  • Strategies for Growing the Value of Every Customer Relationship with more Repeat Sales and Referrals
  • Customer Reward and Recognition
  • Programs for building Customer Loyalty and keeping your customers coming back for more

Increase Your Profitability with Operational Strategies for:

  • Reducing Theft & Fraud
  • Commission Reconciliation
  • Better Managing Customer Information and Inventory
  • More Securely Handling Cash
  • Complying with Tax Laws and Reducing Taxes
  • Increasing Owner Knowledge about Best Practices for Running a More Profitable Wireless Business

Increase Sales & Profits with Staffing Ideas for Growing & Developing Your Team by:

  • Providing Expertise to bring on Higher Caliber Employees and Retain Your Top Performers
  • New sources of candidates for properly staffing your stores to avoid lost profits from walk-out and replenishment customer defections
  • Implementing a Store Manager Development Program – The key to driving sales & profitability
  • Implementing Reference & Background Checks to minimize costly hiring mistakes
  • Onboarding Training ideas to increase the performance of Front-line Salespeople

CDI will collaborate with you to determine structure and content for your portal. Participation Fee:

  • Limited Access: from $19/mo* per location
  • Unlimited Access: from $45/mo* per location (minimum of 12-month program)
  • *Dealers will have the opportunity to reduce fees with Supplier Partner performance incentives
  • CDI will be measuring improvements with the goal to increase annualized store profit by $15,000 to $30,000+/location
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Quick Links

Sales Coaching

Product Launches

Customer Service

Keynote Addresses


Calendar of Events

Instructor-led Training

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