[vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]A workshop for increasing the proficiency of today’s Store Leaders!

The Issue

The wireless landscape is changing. Fierce competition, increased complexity, higher costs and pressure on commissions mean that Store Leaders need to take their leadership, management and coaching skills to the “next level.”

Introducing SP3 – The New Formula for Increasing Store Sales & Profitability Workshop

The focus of this session will be to apply the Structure > People > Process > Profit model that drives MAP-ing conversations at the top level of the organization directly to front-line store management.

SP3 will provide Store Leaders with specific steps, guidance and best practices for creating operational excellence and increasing store sales and profitability.

SP3 is an important component in the development of every Store Leader regardless of tenure or success level.

Session Overview

Module 1: Structure

Today more than ever, it is important to consider the trends/factors that are impacting sales and profitability in each location and prepare the Leader to address them head on. To this end, we must look at how we have structured our business to drive store success. This module will look at: How to structure the team and duties of the individuals in the store (job description) and best develop personnel in the areas needed to meet key objectives. This includes:

·  New Activations / Handsets
·  Connected Devices
·  Sales to Small and Medium Businesses, and
·  Accessory Sales

Module 2: People

As we look at both the current needs of the business and the quality/quantity of representation we will need in the future, it is critical to look at the following “People Factors” and determine:

·  How do we assess if we have the right people to take our business forward?
·  Do we have the right people doing the right things on a daily basis to drive/meet objectives?
·  Are we developing skills in the right areas – given local competition and where the industry is heading (trends)?
·  Does our hiring profile assess if the candidate has the abilities to take our business forward?
·  What are some new strategies for finding higher quality candidates?

Module 3: Process 

At the end of each day/month/year, store success is dependent on the ability of our Leaders to help personnel execute on the right processes and procedures with a high level of proficiency. This module will discuss the most important processes that Leaders must pay attention to on a daily basis and how they can more effectively coach their teams to implement with excellence. We will also evaluate the current processes in place and determine how they might be enhanced or improved to drive improvements in operational results. We will examine the processes that a store manager should be utilizing to:

·  Increase Traffic and Sales with both new and existing customers?
·  Increase Accessory Attachment Rates and profit per transaction?
·  Develop personnel to propel SMB sales forward?
·  Understand and capitalize on the growth and importance of connected devices?
·  Assess, Measure and Drive Performance?

We will also discuss the importance of the customer engagement process and how we can enhance it to:

·  Differentiate our stores from the competition?, and…
·  Retain, grow and leverage our customer base into more repeat sales and referrals?

Module 4: Profit

For each of the areas above, there is a profit opportunity that exists with improving operational excellence. Conversely, there is also a profit consequence to not acting up an area to improve store operations. Throughout the session, each participant will be provided with a template that will be used to determine the potential gain by taking positive action on each opportunity.

Outcome: Each Leader will build a Personal Development Plan to share with their Owner/Manager and also create an enhanced MAP for their store aimed at maximizing sales and profitability in each key area.

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